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Automation Systems

Industrial Automation Systems

Diamond State Engineering provides a complete range of services for the entire life cycle  of your automated process. From initial design and construction to installation and on-going support, we have the automation expertise you need to remain competitive. From process control and packaging to motion control, energy management and machine vision, Diamond State Engineering is well equipped to provide turnkey solutions that produce the results demanded by today’s automation marketplace. Contact us today so we can talk about your automation plan.

Building Automation Systems

Building Automation System (BAS) by definition is an energy, security and lighting management system that consist of computerized, interlinked, networks of hardware and software which monitor and control many systems in commercial, industrial and government facilities. The core promises is to keep facilities’ climates within a specified range, provide lighting based on occupancy schedules, monitor security systems performance and device failures that can trigger email and text notifications to key personnel.

With the rising cost of energy, increased security concerns and the demand for more comfortable work environments, there is a need to use today’s technology to integrate these systems into one cohesive user friendly environment. Using a modular approach with off the shelf components, Diamond State Engineering can provide a turnkey solution for your Building Automation System. With our design, programming, installation and support services you will find that our one stop shop approach will save you money from the beginning. Contact one of our engineers today to develop your plan for your Building Automation System.

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Diamond State Engineering is a firm committed to being the leading turnkey facility system solution provider by encouraging educational and vocational growth for our employees, promoting good health and safety practices and striving for continued growth and success. Our purpose is to effectively increase the benefits to our employees and their families while exceeding client expectations.